May 20th – Oh No! The Project is RED!!!

  1. Red, Yellow, Green Project Management Status.  Often used by project managers to report status.   Pros/Cons – because they are indicative of adherence to a plan, require a plan that is simple enough to be measured.  Good for tracking simple tasks – on time or overdue etc.   R/Y/G treat projects as ‘Cynefin Simple’ when in fact they are Complex or Complicated.  Doesn’t sensibly roll up (non-additive), and requires complex rules dictating what each status means.  In a Blame culture, projects will never be ‘Red’!  If R/Y/G is used to signal where help, or executive action is required, then probably should have a better process to be more reactive/proactive.  With an Adaptive project management system like Agile, R/Y/G should have little or no meaning.
  2. Jidoka.  What does it mean?  One of the two Principles/Pillars of Toyota Production System, along with Just-In-Time.  Jidoka is autonomation/standardized work.  If JIT involves Muri (flow) and Mura (levelling), then Jidoka is mostly concerned with Muda (waste).  Under jidoka, the production line can be stopped, for problem to be fixed (WIP goes to 1 – fix the problem!).  The concept of Jidoka is not strong in Agile.
  3. Best Meeting Facilitation Techniques.  Establishing goals, getting all the people in the room, using techniques such as go-around, affinity diagrams, timelines etc to get people on the same page.  Using Parking Lots to prevent discussions being sidetracked, or to preventing ‘decision-making’ in a status or brainstorming meeting.  Using divergent/convergent techniques such as sub-grouping, brainstorming.

Lean Coffee May 20th

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