July 23, 2013 – Awesome Discussion!

Lots of newcomers this week! And some great discussion. Topics and Attendees below!EastsideCoffee07232013

With Kaizen Camp coming up, we needed to decide on a 7-30 Lean Coffee. A number of people at the table were attending the unconference, but there were those who are not in that sold-out event. I handed off the post-its and markers to Jeff Pasek… who said he would lead the Lean Coffee meeting. If his circumstances change, it’s always good to have a backup… but my impression was we would have enough for the Tuesday meeting. So the 7-30 Eastside Coffee is a Go!

We did manage to come up with some potential topics for Kaizen Camp… Thanks to Sylvia for kicking off this one. Some possible topics:

    • Liberating Structures
    • Self-organizing Teams
    • What is High Performance?
    • Systems Thinking
    • Collaboration ain’t Agile!?
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3 Responses to July 23, 2013 – Awesome Discussion!

  1. It was a great experience for my first Lean Coffee! Thanks everyone for being so welcoming and showing me the ropes. I’ll be back! A big thanks for the great ideas around Kaizen Camp topics. What a bounty! And Jeff – I really like the Mindmap tool you are using! What’s it called?

    Looking forward to continuing the learning around self-organizing and high performance!

  2. jeffsmith says:

    The Mindmap tool is Maptini.com … The maps are saved on the web and can be shared as you like. Very quick and easy to use. I have it on my iPad as an app, but you can edit thru most browsers(IE is not a guarantee – I just go to Fireox for this.)

  3. jeffsmith says:

    So – Those not attending Kaizen Camp – we still have Lean Coffee Eastside at the regular time and place Tuesday!

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