July 9, 2013 – Another Great Meeting

Really liking this location. Awesome coffee and sandwiches. Plenty of room and very peaceful.

Tuesdays : 8-9:30 am : Victor’s Celtic Coffee Co. & Roasters, 7993 Gilman St, Redmond WA

Glad to see a lot of Solutions IQ folk!

Tell me – How do you like the Mindmap? I hope I did not miss anything big…. This was created with FreeMind, but I will probably look at other tools. I may try to do some other visuals.


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One Response to July 9, 2013 – Another Great Meeting

  1. Wes Williams says:

    Thanks for doing the write up and the mindmap gives a good view of what we were discussing. Unfortunately, I am out of town the next 2 weeks.

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